Davis Street’s Clinic Receives Unprecedented Support

Our new Primary Care Clinic has received an unprecedented amount of support from nearly every corner of San Leandro and the greater region during our critical first year of operation.

As you can imagine, we were caught just a bit off balance when our very first application attempt to become a federally-qualified health center was APPROVED by the federal government.  This was such a rare occurrence that we had to call on every one of our supporters for help.

Who came to our rescue?

The City of San Leandro

Even before opening our doors, we needed to have the salaries of every physician, dentist, nurse practitioner and medical assistant covered.  Kind of like the inventory needed in a grocery store, we had to have the staff available to see patents BEFORE one penny was recovered for any services rendered.  Some of these salaries were three or four times greater than the typical Davis Street salary, so we, obviously, did not have that kind of money in our reserves.  The City of San Leandro loaned us a whopping $1.5 million to cover the salaries of our clinic staff while we got in the pipeline for reimbursement.

To the Mayor, the City Manager, our City Council members, we are so grateful for your support, guidance and appreciation of our efforts to bring this clinic online!!!

Eden Health District

As many of you know, Davis Street Family Resource Center had operated a free RotaCare Clinic for many years.  Nearly two years ago, when we were still in the planning stages of a federally-qualified health center, Eden Health District was one of our most ardent supporters.  Through the renovation of our clinic area in order to meet the federal requirements of a new health center, to determining the scope of our services, to helping us to find the best medical providers available, Eden Health District has helped us on our path through regulations and politics; and most significantly, invested $250,000 for our clinic operations.

Eden Health District & Davis Street Partnership

Major Shout Out to Eden Health District!  Your expertise in understanding how to bring health care to those who most need it, and your generous financial support has meant the difference in Davis Street having a one day per week free clinic, to operating a comprehensive medical and dental clinic!  

The Everyday Glitterati of San Leandro

One of the best things about Davis Street is that the people we help always, always come back to help us.  To get the Clinic off the ground, clients of the Resource Center showed up at every health faire, provided free labor in grounds-keeping, bulk mailing, organizing, spreading the word, you name it, our Davis Street family pitched in at every corner and at every step in our journey to realizing our new clinic.

To our Davis Street family, we love you!!!!!!!!



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