September 1st, 2012

Some of us may have memories of walking down shopping aisles with our parents, selecting brand new school supplies—a fresh start to our success! Reports state that the average elementary and high school student will spend $70.00 – $89.00 on required school supplies this year. This is simply an overwhelming cost for Davis Street families, most whom are can’t afford to sacrifice basic needs for school needs. Backpacks, pencils, pens, paper, single subject notebooks, erasers…all items we’ve been collecting at the start of this school year. One mother, who recently came for school supplies, had to flee her household because of domestic violence. Her children were starting school without materials to do their homework. A donor of Davis Street, Kim Mendes, collected nearly $1,000 from family members to buy a few dozen backpacks for us! Please continue to keep our families in mind throughout this back to school season!