Child Development Centers Manager

Status:  Part Time – 24hrs

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The Child Development Centers Manager (CDCM) will assist with the program direction and supervision of the Davis Street Early Care and Education Child Development Centers and will support the entire client family through collaboration within the Davis Street Family Resource Center. The CDCM will assist with the management of the current contract reporting requirements, monitoring of state and federal contracts, hiring and training staff, and backfilling for site supervisors. The CDCM will be responsible for ensuring the provision of seamless comprehensive support services to children and families served by Davis Street Early Care and Education Child Development Centers and the Family Resource Center.


  • Provide staffing, training, and support to Site Supervisors
  • Overseeing special projects and social services benefiting children and families through parent education classes, DRDP’s, CCAFP compliance, early literacy training, mental health consultation, and staff development workshops.
  • Leadership in advocating for high quality, accessible and affordable early childhood care, and education which supports the children and families
  • Follow current legislative efforts related to child safety, education, health, mental health, and nutrition.
  • Assist with the administration of the State Department of Education CSPP & CCTR contracts, the CACFP contract and parent fee revenues. Ensure rations are in compliance with all regulations and policies mandated by the agency
  • Develops, directs, and evaluates agency programs related to children.
  • Creates policies and procedures to ensure the effective implementation of industry standards
  • Maintains and improves programs quality through ongoing training and evaluation
  • Provides adequate enrollment to ensure operating costs remain within budget projections
  • Directs staff to ensure accurate certification by following Title 5, CSPP and CCTR Funding Terms and Conditions which are applicable to subsidized center-based contracts
  • Ensures that all children in subsidy centers are developmentally assessed and that an educational plan is developed and implemented with age appropriate curriculum
  • Provides ongoing monitoring/training for CDE Desired Results and Environmental Rating Scale Requirements.
  • Maintains Title 22 Health and Safety standards in DSFRC Center Programs
  • Conducts annual staff evaluations and merit reviews
  • Promotes the agency and issues affecting children and families through community outreach and advocacy activities


  • Child Development Program Director permit (current)
  • A. degree in Early Childhood Education or related field or administrative services credential
  • Current CPR certification
  • Experience in a subsidized child development program
  • Familiarity with both Title 5 and Title 22 regulations
  • Knowledge of organizations theory and leadership styles as they related to early childhood work environments
  • Knowledge of child rearing practice and patterns in culturally diverse environments
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills
  • Conflict resolution and facilitation skills