Davis Street’s Alternative Payment Program contracts with the California Department of Education, Child Development Division, to offer child care subsidies to parents who are low income and have a need for child care.


Provider Enrollment Process

AP Provider Requirements:

  • Providers must be at least 18 years old.
  • The provider’s hours of operation must meet the family’s need for child care.
  • The provider ensures that each child’s attendance is recorded daily with an exact time in and out of child care and a full parent signature.
  • The provider will maintain supervision of the children at all times while in care.
  • The provider will refrain from religious instruction.
  • The provider shall not discriminate.

Licensed providers must submit:

  • Verification of private pay families
  • A rate sheet
  • Daycare policies
  • A copy of a valid Social Security card or Tax ID number
  • An INS card if required for validation of SS card
  • A copy of a valid driver’s license or California identification card
  • Proof of child’s residency in San Diego County
  • Completed provider enrollment forms
  • A direct deposit application and voided check

Exempt from licensing providers must submit:

  • A copy of a valid driver’s license or California identification card
  • A copy of a valid Social Security card
  • Proof of residential address (utility bill, lease, or mortgage papers)
  • Proof of a negative tuberculosis (TB) test or x-ray from the last six months
  • A voided check for direct deposit
  • Birth certificates (aunts, uncles, and grandparents only) to verify relationship to the child(ren)
  • Provider enrollment forms that were mailed to the parent
  • Exempt from licensing providers must complete the Trustline Application and Fingerprints form.
  • Call 1.800.315.4507 to make a Trustline appointment in advance. Our agency code is mailed to the parent.

If you are a parent, you can call 619.521.3055 x2527 to make an appointment to come in to the office with your exempt from licensing provider, and submit the required documentation. The parent is the employer of the exempt from licensing provider and is responsible for any payments that AP cannot reimburse.

The AP Provider Services unit can be reached at 619.521.3055 x2527.