June 19th, 2014

City Support Helps Make Medical Care More Accessible

On behalf of the thousands of patients who will be treated in the Davis Street Primary Care Clinic, we are most grateful to Mayor Stephen Cassidy and the San Leandro City Council for their unanimous approval on Monday, June 23, of a working capital loan in support of our newly licensed Primary Care Center.

We look forward to opening the clinic in early July and providing a medical home to the thousands of individuals and families that now rely on hospital emergency rooms and other sources for their health care needs. With the support of the Mayor and the Council, we will open a fully equipped and stocked clinic providing affordable and accessible medical care to our patients.

The Primary Care Clinic offers a full scope of medical services, including dental and behavioral health services. Our RotaCare Acute Medical Clinic will continue to provide free acute care to those ineligible for health care coverage.Thank you, Mayor Cassidy and City Councilmembers Gregory, Reed, Souza, Lee, Cutter and Prola, for believing in us!