August 5th, 2020

In Loving Memory of Charlie Gilcrest

Everyone here at Davis Street is heartbroken at the loss of a beloved board member, Charlie Gilcrest.

Charlie joined the Davis Street family by becoming a board member in 2008, focusing on our healthcare services.  In 2010, he became VP and served on the board until he retired in August of 2018 to join the Eden Health District.  Charlie was key in the agency’s decision to take the free clinic to scale.  He was our patient advocate helping to improve our services to patients, even until the week before he passed away.

We are fortunate to have captured Charlie in photos over the years, and it is my pleasure to share them here.  Charlie loved working at the registration table for the holiday toy and bike giveaway, as well as the back to school shoe and backpack drive.  He had perfect attendance at the board meetings and was a weekly visitor even after retiring.  Charlie loved to attend our events like our board sponsored holiday dinner and the agency annual Gala.

Charlie knew each of us, staff, board and volunteers by name and it’s clear that he definitely left his imprint on Davis Street.  Our services to help the most vulnerable, truly mirror the essence of Charlie ~ Helping other help themselves.

“I have passed the mountain peak and my soul

is soaring in the firmament of

complete and unbounded freedom;

I am in comfort, I am in peace.”  – Kahlil Gibran

Charlie, you will always be in our hearts…..