December 11th, 2014

In Memory of Nathaniel Damian Capron 1990-2014

It is with great sadness that Davis Street shares the news of the passing of a young friend and volunteer to the agency.

Nate worked at Davis Street Family Resources on Summer and Winter breaks when he was home from Humboldt State University.
He always loved helping people and Davis Street was a natural fit for him. He graduated from Humboldt in 2013 with a degree in English and Comparative Literature.
In 2014, Nate had a great time traveling around Southeast Asia. He particularly liked Vietnam. He had just graduated from the language institute at Chiang Mai university and started teaching English to disadvantage children in the country side. He loved what he was doing.
On his travels he made friends from all over the world and at least 60 of his teachers and colleagues came to his cremation ceremony.
Nathaniel means gift from God. And for 24 years he was the light of our lives and he was at his brightest when God called him back. So here’s to Nathaniel Damian Capron courageous and kind who loved to read and write. He was a champion of the underdog and dreamed of a better world and now he has found true happiness and peace.

In lieu of flowers, the family has requested donations be made in his honor to
Davis Street Family Resource Center. Funds donated in memory of Nate will go to our Basic Needs program. A program in which Nate worked with and had strong passion for during his time at the agency.