Behavioral Health – LMFT, LCSW or Psychologist

Employment Type

Full Time

Job Description

Oversee a small behavioral health department and team of three staff. Provide direct clinical services to adult patient, and ensure the department operates with high ethical standards, and in compliance with applicable regulations and contractual obligations. - Direct Patient Services & Department Director with 20% administration and 80% direct clinical services - Adult 1 to 1 individual therapist - Full-time with excellent salary and benefits package


  • Manage the Behavioral Health program and services
  • Supervise and support staff in achieving high professional standards, establishing and maintaining appropriate clinical boundaries, integrating training and development, and support for special populations services
  • Ensure Behavioral Health programs are delivered and accessible, building outreach and services to the community in need
  • Advise executive team on challenges facing community mental health programs and identify opportunities to strengthen our model
  • Participate in agency management activities and meetings, including strategic planning, financial planning, technology planning and other activities
  • Act as crisis contact for Davis Street in the event of a crisis or disaster affecting communities we serve


  • LMFT, LCSW or Licensed Psychologist
  • Minimum 2 years related experience in direct clinical services and management
  • Familiarity with technology and information systems that support clinical activities




3081 Teagarden Street San Leandro CA, 94577

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