Supported Employment Program

This program helped me gain the tools to become an employee at Davis Street's Facilities Department.

Robert Moore, Janitorial Facilities Support

Employment opportunities enhance self esteem and independence.

Davis Street Supported Employment Program serves adults living with intellectual and developmental disabilities by helping them be more successful in the workplace. We provide both job attainment coaching and post-employment coaching and training.

Prevocational Program

Our prevocational program, Hire Steps, is designed for individuals who have not been previously employed or who desire to work but may not know what it takes to be a successful employee. A Davis Street coach works 1:1 with the individual to:

Assess their skills and interests
Identify job opportunities
Identify volunteer opportunities
Market their skills and abilities to employers
Prepare for an interview
Understand proper attire and hygiene
Navigate public transportation

Post-Employment Coaching and Training Program

Our post-employment coaching and training program helps the employee develop the skills they need to retain paid employment. A Davis Street coach works 1:1 with the individual to:
Learn what their job entails
Understand employer expectations
Follow job safety guidelines
Navigate public transportation
Understand their work rights

Davis Street also works with employers to:

Match available jobs with candidates
Resolve issues that may arise on-the-job

To enroll in Davis Street Supported Employment Program, you’ll first need a referral from The Regional Center of the East Bay (RCEB). RCEB will determine your eligibility.

Get referral from RCEB

Please contact the RCEB Intake Coordinator by phone or email:

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By supporting Davis Street, you help make it possible for us to serve thousands of families in need.
By working at Davis Street, you will be doing good, while doing fulfilling work.

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