Garage Sale Fridays

Items are sold at very low prices, so that anyone in the community can purchase what they need.

About Garage Sale Fridays

Davis Street holds a community garage sale every Friday, featuring new, donated household items. What we offer changes from week to week, and may include: furniture, pet supplies, and automobile supplies. Our community garage sale is made possible due to the support of generous community sponsors and donors. Proceeds go toward purchasing food for our Davis Street Food Pantry.

*Due to COVID-19 restrictions, our Garage Sale Fridays are temporarily closed until further notice.*

Want to donate items?

Please check out our Donate Goods page.

Who can come?

Everyone in the community can come to our garage sale. Items are sold at very low prices, so that anyone in the community can purchase what they need. There is no limit on the number of items you purchase. You do not need to be enrolled in any of our programs, and there are no eligibility requirements.


3079 Teagarden Street
San Leandro

Garage Sale Hours

Every Friday
8:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

What you need to do

Come to the back of the building.

Getting to Davis Street

We are served by Stop #4 on the South Loop San Leandro LINKS, free shuttle route. If you drive, we have ample free onsite parking.

Need more information? We’re here for you!

Call Us At

extension 150

By supporting Davis Street, you help make it possible for us to serve thousands of families in need.
By volunteering at Davis Street, you will enrich your life, while strengthening the fabric of our community.

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