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Donating Goods:

Transparency is important to us and essential in your decision to give! Davis Street’s clients certify with the agency and are determined eligible on the basis of income and circumstances. To learn about how one signs up for food and clothing please click here.
Once Davis Street clients have certified for our basic need services, they have access to our food and clothing department bi-weekly and monthly to receive food and clothing at no cost. On Fridays, gently used clothing and household goods may be sold at reasonable thrift prices at Davis Street’s Yard Sale, which is open to the entire public community. (Come visit!) Proceeds generated from the Yard Sale will be used towards keeping our pantry shelves stocked.
Our Food Warehouse and Clothing Department accepts donations Monday through Friday between the hours of 9AM – 3PM. Please come to the back of our building on 3081 Teagarden Street to have our volunteers assist you. Also, our Front Desk will also accept these kinds of donations up to 8 PM M- TH. Don’t forget to fill out a donation receipt so that we can thank you and send you a tax deductible acknowledgement! The value of your donation is tax deductible and is at your discretion—we ask that you estimate a reasonable value with taking the item’s use into consideration.
“Food for Thought” includes: Soup, Rice, Beans, Peanut Butter, Canned Chicken, Spam, Tomato Sauce, Canned chili, Canned Fruits, canned or frozen Vegetables (peas, carrots, green beans, corn, and more). Think protein items and other nutritious non-perishable foods for our families! Baby formula, diapers, and hygiene items (toothpaste, feminine products, Kleenex, and more) are also consistently needed and lower in supply! To read more about organizations that partner with Davis Street’s warehouse and pantry please click here.
What condition do clothing or household items have to be in? We ask that clothing be gently used. To respect the dignity of those benefiting from our services, please avoid donating clothing with rips, tears, holes, or stains. Davis Street does not have the ability to wash or clean whatever is brought in, so if cleaning clothing or products before donating them is possible, we would be so appreciative!
Davis Street does not have the ability to accept furniture. We especially cannot accept mattresses. There are occasions in which we may be able to accommodate or have a specific client in mind that we know needs furniture and can arrange pick-up themselves. Please feel free to call our Basic Needs Manager at 510. 347. 4620 ext 120 to ask if there is possibility to accept small furniture if it can be arranged to be dropped off.
Davis Street kindly asks our donors to drop off donated goods at our building on 3081 Teagarden Street. If you have hosted a toy, food, or commodity drive and need a large bulk pick up, please call our basic needs manager at 510.347.3620 Ext 119 to ask if it can be arranged. If you have a disability that disallows you from bringing over a donation, please do call.
If you are interested in collaborating with a group to donate, please contact our Development Manager at 510.347.4620 Ext 109. Let us know if we can help supply you with any materials or to schedule an opportunity to come meet or speak to your collaborator. We are here to support and cheer you on in your efforts!

Alternative Payment Programs:

You qualify if you are an adult family member who is working, attending vocational training, seeking employment, seeking housing, incapacitated, referred by a legally qualified professional, such as Child Protective Services (CPS), or are participating in CalWORKs, and your gross monthly income is within the State Median Income Level.
We are a parent choice program. Enrolled families can choose any licensed, or exempt from licensing, child care provider that best meets the educational and developmental needs of their child(ren). To receive payment for child care, the provider must meet basic program requirements and complete an agreement for services.
Waiting time varies depending on the availability of child care openings. We enroll in rank order, based on family size and income from the CEL. Unfortunately, we do not have enough funding to pay child care services for all eligible families.
You must update your CEL application every six months.
You will be contacted by phone, mail, or e-mail and asked to verify your income, need, family size, and other information to assure that your family falls within the income guidelines that Alternative Payment is currently enrolling.
Notify your county eligibility worker that you are in need of child care services.

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