Food Pantry

Some of the main obstacles I've been through is not having enough food. The staff has been so helpful and they are like family.

Lucila Polanco, Client of Davis Street's Basic Needs

About the Davis Street Food Pantry

Our food distribution program is one of the main staples of Davis Street and is an essential part of our mission statement. The pantry supplies food to over 1,000 households, serving over 2,500 individuals, and receives over 15,000 lbs. of food in donations – every month.

Davis Street Food Pantry provides delicious, nutritious food—free of charge—to families and individuals in need throughout our community. A typical food box or bag may contain: canned foods, pasta, rice, dairy products, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits and meat products. Bags vary depending on availability of items.

Thanks to donations from Alameda County Food bank, local individuals, farmers, businesses and grocery stores, we are able to provide this much needed program to the community.

Who is eligible?

Anyone who needs food, meets low-income requirements, resides in San Leandro or the Eden area, including San Lorenzo, Castro Valley, Ashland and Cherryland of Hayward and can show proof of residency and proof of income.

You do not need to make an appointment, but we do ask you to fill out a short information form.

Our Intake Forms

Please print and fill out our intake form in your preferred language, and bring it with you to expedite your time here.


3081 Teagarden Street
San Leandro

Pantry Hours

Monday through Thursday
10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

What you need to do.

  • Print our intake form, fill it out by hand, and bring it in with you.
  • Come to the back of the building to the door with the blue awning.
  • Please bring your photo ID and kindly wear a mask.

We will bring your food to our pantry door.

Getting to Davis Street

We are served by Stop #4 on the South Loop San Leandro LINKS , free shuttle route. If you drive, we have ample free onsite parking.

Need more information? We’re here for you!

Call Us At

extension 150

By supporting Davis Street, you help make it possible for us to serve thousands of families in need.
By volunteering at Davis Street, you will enrich your life, while strengthening the fabric of our community.

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